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Inspirational Tarot Readings from an amazing Tweeter!

Inspirational Tarot Readings from an amazing Tweeter  @DracoNeshamah  Thanks to Draco these are uplifting and enjoyable to read Tarot Card Insights. You will have a day full of "ups and downs." You'll have some very good moments, and some unpleasant - to one degree or another. It's really all a matter of perspective, isn't it? Half full? Half empty? Good luck? Bad luck? Everything is necessary for YOU to be YOU. — Draco Neshamah (@DracoNeshamah) December 21, 2021 You feel positively regal this morning! Like a Hero taking a "victory lap" around the World! Some days call for you to *sacrifice* something for the greater good. Today however, you will be on the *receiving" end of the Universe's gifts. Soak up the praise and hold out your hand! — Draco Neshamah (@DracoNeshamah) December 20, 2021 What's on your mind today? You feel energized and eager to get this day underway. Your mind is